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A minimalistic platformer mixed with football and a beat-'em-up. In the glory of the KungFoot from Rayman Legends. Just faster and obstacles and a bit of beating and some explosions!


The prototype supports up to 4 players in two teams. The primary objective during play is to score by kicking the ball into the opponent's goal. Actually from which side does not matter at all, as long as it passes the two poles. The arena itself has its boundaries marked usually with a dotted line on the sides and the top. You can bounce off the ball or do even wall jump on those boundaries. In some cases, if your screen has a certain aspect ratio, the screen itself becomes the boundary. The match will end after the selected time runs out and will show the score for a couple of seconds. No big final screen nor a scoreboard.

Steam Game

The final game is available on Steam and is quite different from the prototype. The biggest differences are probably that you can create your own maps for the game, have achievements, better controls and a variety of characters.


This game requires controllers to play. Up to four. Testing was mostly done with XBox controllers, but the most common ones will do.

  • Press A to Jump!
  • Press B to Kick!
  • RB to Block!
  • DPad left and right or Analog Stick to move!

That's it for controls. Small tip, wall jumping works on walls and screen bounds!


  • XBox Controllers support
  • Windows 10
  • Monitors with Aspect Ratio between 4:3 and up to 32:9

Known issues

  • None reported so far

Please leave me a comment with a description of the issues you have playing the game.


I used Unity3D for this one again. Developed it shortly after Berlin'82 but somehow forgot about it. After a couple of years, I found it again on my hard drive and simply continued to finish and polish it a bit. Forgot about it again and made an actual game out of it. It's basically a small approach to a mini-game in Rayman Legends. Where you fight for a ball against your friends. Pretty fun actually and I recommend trying it out! The assets in the game are either own ones or bought ones from the Unity3D asset store. That store has very good ones that are not too expensive to mess around with. Definitely a good approach if you are as bad as I am in creating art and music assets. Like ...


FFTB_WIN_2020_02_05.zip 32 MB

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